Import customs clearance air or ocean cargo:

Combined Transport can file your entries up to 5 days to arrival of a vessel. Air shipment entries are filed when wheels are up. In most cases, Combined Transport will be able to obtain release of your cargo before it arrives through ABI (Automated Broker Interface) program.

ISF 10+2 (Importers Security Filing):

Effective January 2009 US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had put into place ISF 10+2 document filing requirement. Combined Transport can file the ISF on your behalf, which is required to be filed electronically prior to loading on vessel destined for the United States. At this time, the ISF 10+2 does not apply to air cargo. An ISF worksheet can be downloaded for your convenience. It would list all the information needed to file the ISF.

Perishable Products:

Combined Transport works directly and on behalf of you, our client, to assure you that your cargo cleared in a timely matter with the FDA, USDA and Fish and Wildlife Service. Additionally we are also able to file the FDA Prior notice on line or when your entry is filed with US Customs.

Pick-up and Delivery:

Combined Transport can arrange pickup and delivery of your cargo - whether local or long distance.

Marine Insurance:

Combined Transport can provide Marine Insurance for your cargo if the unexpected should happen.

US Customs Bonds (Continuous and Single Entry Bonds):

The purpose of a bond according to Customs Regulations is "to protect the revenue of the United States and to assure the compliance with an pertinent law, regulation or instructions". Combined Transport can arrange for both Continuous and Single entry bonds for all your imports.

FMC Agent:

Combined Transport is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission which allows us to handle and arrange the documentation required for export cargo.

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